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Habitsdefine who we are all too often, and even though Canada has been one of thefirst countries to fully legalize the use of cannabis, not all of our gloriouscitizens are as open-minded — almost two decades after the legalization. Andthat would be fine… if we could easily find someone to date and not hearconstant nagging about weed. But hold on… we can! You just need to join localdating sites for cannabis smokers and have at least that one issue covered.Now, let’s find out how you find one and how you make the most of online datingfor weed smokers.

Dating site for cannabis smokers

Choosing the BestDating Service for Marijuana Smokers

Today,there are plenty of paid and free dating sites for marijuana smokers in Canada,so finding the one that will work for you may take some time. These tips,however, should help speed the process up a bit:

  • Start with established platforms. Usually, the more time a particular dating service for marijuana smokers has spent in the market, the more users it has. So, you’ll have a bigger pool of options. On the other hand, the number of inactive profiles also grows with the time, so you can’t take new services off the counts — the users may be fewer, but the percentage of active singles may be higher. So, start with more popular options and gradually move on to the ‘new arrivals.
  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Most dating experts would say that you should focus on just one platform to figure out how it works and boost your chances of a successful date. We believe you can safely use two or three to decide which one you like most. After all, the choice of a dating service is a very individual decision and you cannot make it informed unless you try several of those apps.
  • Make sure the app has proper local filters. If you need a dating site for cannabis smokers in Canada, make sure you stay in Canada. Today, plenty of these apps work worldwide, and if you choose one of those international platforms, set the local search parameters up to the city you live in. After all, the country is large.
  • Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Most of the dating sites for cannabis smokers are not that different from other dating apps. Some, however, promote speed dating and others are aimed at quick hookups. So, know what you’re looking for but don’t be stiff in that decision — experimenting with dating can open up new horizons.
Dating sites for marijuana smokers

Making It ClickOnline: How to Charm Weed Smokers

Choosing adating website for weed smokers in Canada is only half of the deal. Onlinedating, in general, has its specifics, so if you really want to boost yourchances of success, make a note of these simple tips:

  • Look for other points of interest. Sharing some common ground is a nice start, but it would be even better if you two had other things in common. The good news is that it should not be that much of a problem, even when you’re chatting online. According to Darren Roberts, the co-founder of the cannabis dating app High There!, “cannabis community is open and judgment-free, and that lends to people sharing more about themselves and creating meaningful relationships.” So go ahead and share — you should already be in the right place for that!
  • Don’t be pushy about a personal meeting. Don’t take too long to ask someone you like out on a date either — but still, remember that people are all different, and the person you’re talking to may not be as extroverted as you are. Take some time to engage in a friendly conversation first and see where it takes you.
  • Answer if asked directly. People tend to ask more personal questions when they chat online — that’s just the way our mind works. Stay honest even if some question surprises you. If you’re not ready to answer it yet, say so — that’s always better than a sheer lie.
  • Include only relevant info in your profile. Speaking of lies, make sure your profile is 100% authentic. This includes your picture and any facts you mention about your job.
  • Talk like you would on a regular date. Don’t strain yourself too much — even if the whole online pot dating thing is new to you. Chill, take it easy — we know you know how to relax.
Weed smokers

Making it WorkOffline: 5 Dating Tips for Cannabis Smokers

Well, thefirst date is not exactly a brain surgery, and most of the general dating tipsapply. These in particular:

  1. Choose a place wisely. Don’t go overboard, but don’t come off stingy either. Choose something more or less neutral and cozy. Or, better yet — allow your date to pick the place.
  2. Don’t just talk, listen. This one is the golden rule for dating. To be interesting, you have to be interested, and that includes asking questions, not just blabbing about yourself.
  3. Don’t push for smoking on the first date. You will most likely hit it off anyway, but the decision should come smoothly and naturally to the both of you.
  4. Turn off the dating apps. Better yet — go offline or, at least, put your phone away. Don’t ever put it on the table on the first date — the simple etiquette rule has been around for some time now.
  5. Smile! Nothing helps to break the ice more than a friendly smile, so use this not-so-secret weapon whenever you have a chance.
Online dating for weed smokers

All in all, these tips should be a nice start for all single stoners in Canada. And, even if you cannot find an app that works right away — stay patient. Dating takes time, and pot dating may take even more time. Plus, these days hold promise for all singles who share your lifestyle. According to dating expert Laura Bilotta, soon there “will be even more cannabis-friendly dating sites and singles events,” so someone truly special may yet come around.